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Tuition Rates

Annual Registration Fee: $50 (includes getting in our system, wear and tear, equipment, cleaning, music, teaching materials, showcase props & accessories, etc.)



$2 discount for every class & family member added – 

$42/month per class (45 minutes)

$45/month per class (60 minutes)

$15 per class – drop in for a lesson of any kind


Private Lessons:

Private 60 min class – $50 per class


**Annual Recital Costume Fee: $35-40

Recitals:  There are 2-3 shows a year which vary.  We assume students are performing in the showcases unless it is communicated at least 2 months in advance that your child does not want to participate.  It is not required to be in the shows, but one must know that there is a skill that cannot be acquired in the classroom and that is performing in front of a crowd.  We are huge advocates of them getting out there even if they don’t end up moving.  We have seen time and time again the shyer ones get up and do more each time.  So sometimes just cheerleading them to get up, even if they just stand there at the final curtain call is still a HUGE milestone!  Teachers, administrators and students also work hard to put together a recital to benefit all parties involved.  It is theater courtesy to make your contribution in some way or show to rehearsals, shows and classes as much as possible if you do want to be in it or let us know you want to still attend class but not perform in the show.  Not showing simply because you didn’t want to go or pay tuition last minute is unacceptable.   We understand things come up last minute and we can’t help sicknesses, but once you are feeling better, or are out of quarantine it is appreciated that you are there.  If there is an extenuating circumstance please communicate that so we can make necessary changes to the show, even if it is last minute.  That is also when we assess progression and do level adjustments.   Students do not become a well rounded mover and do not get the full experience we offer unless they have performed what they have learned in front of a live audience and peers.   We can’t stress enough how important performances are, especially for those involved around you!  If the show dates do not work for you contact us ASAP and we would be willing to make it work so all may be involved if they so choose.  Thanks!

Costumes: Parents will need to provide the basics of their child’s costume (shoes, tights, leotards, underwear, hair, pants and shirts)  We help provide the top layers most times – tutus, accesories, jackets, dresses, hats, props, etc.  Depending on the needs of each class piece, shirts and pants might be provided.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer in some way at recitals (set-up, take down, backstage, lighting, music, etc) and pay a one time $35-40 costume fee for the year depending on the costume needs for each show.

*Tuition is due the 1st of every month.  $10 late fee if NOT paid by the 7th.  Student may not participate until fees are paid.  Thank you.

**We encourage auto-pay via SQUARE.  Contact Marissa or Joaquin Harris to set that up!  We also accept cash, card or apps –

Apple Pay: 702-305-2461

Venmo: @marissa-harris

Card or Cash in person or via square


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